Ipon-Ipon Din: A Savings Video

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Thank you for seeing our movie! This video advocates a strong culture of saving one of college students that are Filipino. It features when saving in financial institutions tips to safeguard your money.

Ipon — Ipon Din (Commit to Save) savings video advisory is a part of the’Protect Your Cash’ Campaign by the Consumer Protection and Education Committee (CPEC).

This animated movie was produced by Stream Engine Studios (http://streamenginestudios.com), a Filipino animation company.

Hey Steve: Should She Spend the Savings? || STEVE HARVEY

Hey Steve: Should She Spend the Savings?


She is ready to begin her own own business but would want to use her savings.

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These Amazing Footages Will Show You The 7 Times ANIMALS SAVING HUMANS Caught On Camera.

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Methods Of Saving Money

One saves for reasons such as to get a college education, purchasing a car, for a new TV set you wish to acquire for down payment on a house time, in three to four months, or to provide for yourself when retirement comes.

As much as there are numerous reasons for saving, there are many methods in which one can save. In most instances, whatever plans you have for the future can determine the best method.

1. Savings accounts. Consider opening a savings account passbook, since it is which you can easily obtain access to your capital when saving for emergency purposes or for a brief period.

Great for both short and long term savings, you earn interest, based on your average daily balance and can deposit and withdraw money. There is A balance required to be maintained though, and you are charged should you fail to maintain it.

2. While pursuits are gained by your deposits here one can benefit from checking account amenities. These types of accounts grants privileges such as access to ATM and check writing, limitless withdrawal and bill payments which may be done online.

This method typically requires a daily preserving balance of at least $2,000.

3. Money market insured accounts. For goals that are long-termed, this method is perfect, as it generally provides a much higher interest rate compared to savings account or a regular.

The interest rate is determined by the amount of money in your bank account; larger balance means interest.

4. Here, the longer the time span means interest.

Bear in mind that insurance companies offer better deals on pursuits in comparison with banks, so compare prices first, before you invest!

At certain times, once your objective is years off, it can be a choice to spend less in a way on using it besides the main reason for saving it, that you are not drawn. Deciding on the right financial agency such as a lender Free Reprint Articles, credit union or insurance firm can bring about a lot of benefit in your own finances.

Your Best is Not For Saving

Your Best Is Not For Saving

My mother-in-law Obtained a Pair of sterling silver flatware as a wedding Present. She kept the silver in a box on a shelf. As far as I know, she used the silver on the rare occasions when she hosted her women’s club. Then she would spend hours polishing the silver. On holidays and family birthdays, she used the regular stainless. She said she was saving the sterling for”best.” And so she saved her almost- never-used sterling until the day a robber stole it and broke into the house. She had also kept her silverware until the day she asked herself why she saved it saved in a box. Then she put it and moved the wooden box from the cupboard. From that time on, the sterling silver flatware was used by Carolyn’s family at all their meals. Another advantage was gained by Carolyn’s mother from her decision besides enjoying her beautiful sterling silver every day. She needed to polish tarnished silver.

Abundance Is Now

These two related stories demonstrate the intersection between abundance and time. Abundance isn’t just about money and material goods. A mindset of abundance always contains an awareness of abundance at the present moment. Abundance is your belief that you have more than enough.

The greatest difference between an abundance mindset and a scarcity mindset isn’t what you have. It is about enjoying what you have in the moment. Every time my mother-in-law set the table with her stainless steel flatware instead of the sterling silver, she was saying to herself and everyone else,”This moment isn’t worth the finest I have.”

She was saving her best for a while in the future, which is just another way of stating that she did not live in the”now” of her life. Every day, in contrast, the mother of Carolyn used her best. She lived in the prosperity of her life.

Is Your Best On Hold?

Were you taught to put your life on hold? Are you waiting until later to enjoy what you have earned? Are you saving your crystal and china for someday? Have you got a box of silver?

The truth is, tomorrow never comes. All any of us has is this moment. The simple key to living an abundant life is to live completely right now, enjoying what you have as you continue to prepare for your future.

Using Your Best In The New Year

at the moment of transition between the end of one year and the start of another, I ask that you ask yourself this question,”What am I saving for best?

As opposed to make typical resolutions about what you are going to do differently, think about what you have that you do not enjoy right now because you are saving it for a while in the future. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions regarding the weight you are going to lose and the money you are going to save and the amount of times annually, you may go to the gym, resolve that you will use the best you currently have. When will you if you don’t use it now?

As an exercise in prosperity thinking, go through your home and find three items you are saving for”best.” And if you’ve got a box of silver hidden at least once a week, you may resolve to use the silver. Because you think it is good for now, whatever it is that you’ve got that you do not use, resolve to use it.

Using The Best In You

And after you find three material things, then you may ask another question. What’s best in you that you are not currently using? What are you currently saving for some time in the future?

Is it the book you have been thinking about writing? The music that remains unsung within you? The business that remains merely an idea in your mind? No matter the best is that you are saving for later, resolve that you will use your best right nowFree Reprint Articles, and at the new year.

Home Repair Project Broken My Brain (Saving My Marriage DIY)

Home Repair Project Broken My Brain (Saving My Marriage DIY)

In Todays video grims toy series after unboxing new toys begins a home improvement project in his new home to fix a leaky toilet that overflowed in this do it yourself tutorial we eliminate tile on the floor and install new home project diy tips for his wife to make up together and save their marriage.

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Then look no farther if you’re thinking about how to save money fast. Starting 14, today we’re sharing with you 5 tips/ideas to save more money. A few of the tips are simple and other are like shifting your mindset complicated, but nonetheless they all are super effective.

Why should money be saved by you ? If you would like to be wealthy than you must master the art of saving money. You might want to save money or just to feel protected, but saving money is important and you need to devote some time to learn how to save money correctly.

We made this video for your entertainment and education.
Buckle up and enjoy for saving money these 5 tips, so you can also learn how to save money!

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The Difference Between Saving, Investing, and Speculating

Every successful investor must begin by speculating, investing, and understanding the difference between saving. If you get those confused, you face the risk of losing a lot of money.

Fortunately, this short but informative (and humorous!) Video will clear it up for you. Put simply:

Save to guard your money.

Speculate to gamble your money.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, so press”PLAY” and enjoy.